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Start Your business on repair of drive shafts

We offer You that is actual


What perspectives?

The fact that the driveshaft is one of the most important nodes in the car is known to everybody. Experts assure us of its reliability and longevity, but in practice often it is necessary to face with different types of its. Services on repair of cardans are now selected in the separate direction in service business. And as experts say in their forecasts - "development of this services sector will proceed”. Despite quantity of those who so desire to offer repair of driveshafts, not everybody do it qualitatively. Presence of the good balancing equipment and technology defines possibilities of the enterprise and its status, but now there isn't a lot of such enterprises.

Quality is always valued highly

Our offer is the decision covering all the question in the area of qualitative repair of the drive shafts, the purpose of which is the working bringing profit business.
Do You think over how to start Your own business or to expand the possibilities of the present one? 
We provide already ready decision:

  • delivery of the balancing equipment, installation and adjustment
  • consultations on technology equipment
  • implementation of technology and staff training
  • technical and information support online
  • spare parts always available 

More than 30 successful projects in Odessa, Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk are already implemented with us… We have knowledge and opportunities for this purpose.

Professionals work on our equipment

“Mechanika”, Moscow
“Gruppa Rost”, St. Petersburg
“Kardanbalservis”, Kiev
“Kardan Balans”, Moscow
“Kardan Master”, Minsk
“Remonter”, Kiev
“BIRSS”, Odessa etc.

Take the opportunities

The package “Start” is suitable for the initial level, it allows repairing cardans of cars, small lorries and minibuses, it does not demand special knowledge and significant injections.

The package includes:

  • balancing machine BVI-03-73
  • vertical press
  • consultations on technology equipment
  • technology implementation and staff training
  • business attending prior to full operation
  • further technical and information support

The package “Maximum” allows improving available experience and knowledge, repairing the drive shafts not only of the cars, but of the heavy lorries and building machines also.

The package includes:

  • balancing machine BVI-03-77
  • vertical and horizontal presses (plus jig)
  • welding machine ELECTREX
  • consultations on technology equipment
  • technology implementation and staff training
  • further technical and information support

Our fourteen-year experience works for You in the cardans repair business. Everything with what it is possible to face is considered and worked out. 

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