Cardan balancing machine BVI-03-74Balancing machine for 4-bearing cardan shafts
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The machine is designed for dynamic balancing of two-, three- and four-bearing cardan shafts.

Suitable for services with small load, 50-70 cardans per month.

4-bearing balancing machines features:

- balancing 2-, 3- and 4-bearing cardan shafts;

- frequency-controlled asynchronous electric drive;

- combination of optimal design and reasonable price;

- simultaneous display of unbalance magnitude and angle on a 17-inch touch screen monitor on 4 planes

- simple and intuitive software interface

Parameters BVI-03-74
Balancing rotors weight range, kg 3-120
Maximum rotor diameter, mm 200
Maximum flange diameter 300
Max. cardan shaft length 4200*
Support type Soft-bearing
Number of simultaneously measured planes 4
Minimal achievable residual specific unbalance, gmm/kg 1,0
Rotor rotation speed range, rpm 400-2500
Drive type Frequency-controlled asynchronous electric drive
Electric motor power, kW 1,5
Equipment Balancing system PAK-4

*can be changed by customer's order.

Additional options:

positioning and fixing the rotor at the unbalance elimination point;

contact welding for welding weights;

cabinet type protective guard;

bed length can be changed by cutomer's order;

special technological adapters.