Balancing machine SBR-10
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VSR SBR-10 balancing machine is designed for high-speed balancing of internal combustion engine turbochargers in their own middle housing.


Turbocharger performance checked is perfrormed at rotor rotation frequencies that reach the maximum operating values. Maximum turbocharger weight is up to 9 kg. Determination of the unbalance (value and angle) is carried out in the accesible plane to eliminate it.

To create conditions close to the operational ones, the tests are carried out with oil supplied to the sliding bearings under operating pressure and a temperature close to the operating one

Parameters SBR-10
Maximum turbocharger weight, kg 9
Maximum compressor wheel diameter, mm 80
Rotor rotation speed range, rpm 250 000
Required pneumatic system pressure, MPa 0,8 – 1,0
Recommended minimum receiver volume, m3 1,0
Machine dimensions, (length x width x height), mm 780 х 1120 х 1274
Power Supply Parameters 380В ± 10%, 3 Ph, 50Гц ± 1
Miminum power consumption, kW 1,5
Balancing systemPAK-SBR PAK-SBR

Turbocharger core is mounted on the standard mounting planes with oil supply to the slide bearings under operating pressure and temperature drive belts set

Machine's design allows you to connect cores of all types and all manufacturers to the hydraulic system of the machine using the rigging supplied with the machine. Adapter for turbines with bottom oil supply such as T5 VW TOUAREG 2,5 TDI is included in the standard kit