Semi-automatic machine97B300 semi-automatic machine for balancing railway brake discs
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Special balancing machine with a vertical axis of rotation, with the PAK balancing system.

The machine is designed for balancing disk-type rotors with a weight of up to 300 kg and the maximum outer diameter up to 1300 mm. The machine is equipped with a drilling module for unbalance correction.

The accuracy of balancing is 4 gmm / kg.

The part is mounted on the base central hole on the faceplate (or mandrel) of the vertical spindle.

Automatic detail clamping ensures installation accuracy of the balancing disk with the spindle axis of the machine, reliable fixation and high productivity of the machine.

The spindle of the machine is designed as a full-fledged assembly of demountable construction, which simplifies its maintenance.

Unbalance correction is performed directly on the machine by drilling module

Станки балансировочные универсальные дорезонансные

Rigid construction allows balancing rotors with large initial unbalances.

Removable balancing equipment allows you to quickly re-equip the machine for parts with different mounting holes.

Jacks for smooth installation and removal of parts on the faceplate ensure the protection of machine mechanisms from impacts, create convenience and safety in the process of work.

Class B rotor protective guard - protects against contact with rotating parts.

Automatic turn function, as well as the spindle fixing mechanism at the unbalance elimination point allows you to quickly and accurately guide the disk to the place where unbalance is eliminated (drilling, milling).

Asynchronous variable-frequency electric drive allows infinitely variable speed control without stopping the motor, selection of optimal modes for balancing, as well as additional turn.

Parameters 97B300
Balancing rotors weight range, kg 300
Maximum rotor diameter, mm 1500
Maximum rotor height, mm 150
Minimal achievable residual specific unbalance, gmm/kg 0,4
Number of measured planes 1 и 2
Rotor rotation speed range, rpm 200 - 1000
Drive electric motor power, kW 5,5
Balancing system PAK

protective staples with pneumatic drive - to prevent the shaft and its elements from ejecting when hinges or splines are broken;

spindle rotation engagement locks during their fixation and when pulling the welding pliers.

The machine is equipped with: a sectional protective guard of the propshaft, to protect against a possible ejection, when the shaft rotates, poorly fixed correction weights, lubrication from bearings, etc. The guard is equipped with a spindle rotation engagement lock when the protection is not closed.