Wheelset balancing machineWheelset balancing machine 9709
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Designed for balancing wheelsets of railway rolling stock

Reliability and productivity in the conditions of serial production and repair shops of railway depots

The machine allows dynamic balancing of wheel pairs in accordance (for cars operated in trains with speeds of over 140 km/h), and also according to EEN 13260 (with speeds of 120 to 200 km/h and over 200 km/h).

Design features

Wheelsets balancing is carried out when they are installed by inner rings of roller bearings, or by centering plugs of roller bearings, on the roller bearings of the machine.

Machine's wishbone suspension with bearing hinges and low self resonance frequency guarantees high accuracy of balancing.

Rotation of the wheelset during balancing is performed by a cardan axial drive.

Asynchronous variable-frequency electric drive allows to perform infinitely variable speed control without stopping the motor, choosing the optimal modes for balancing.

Self-aligning supports with cylindrical reinforced rollers exclude the possibility of traces of "rolling" on the mounting (bearing) necks of the rotor with low hardness and large mass.

Станки балансировочные универсальные дорезонансные

Jacks for smooth installation and removal of the wheelset from the supports ensure the protection of the machine's mechanisms from impacts, create convenience and safety in process of work.

Станки балансировочные универсальные дорезонансные
Parameters 9717K 9718K
Balancing rotors weight range, kg (min-max) 300 - 1500 800 - 3000
Permissible range of wheel diameters, mm 700 - 1350 700 - 1350
Permissible width of the wheelset in relation to the railway axle, mm 2000 - 2300 2000 - 2300
Distance between the inner surfaces of the wheels, mm 1300 - 1600 1300 - 1600
Rotor bearing journals diameter, mm 50 - 200 50 - 200
Rotor speed range, rpm (min-max) 200 - 800 200 - 600
Minimal achievable residual specific unbalance, gmm/kg не более 1,0 не более 1,0
Drive type Axial Axial
Support type Rollers Rollers
Rotary drive electric motor power, no less than, kW 15 15
Balancing system PAK PAK
Additional options:

Option of orienting the wheelset in the angular position to the elimination point for each plane automatically at the push of a button by the operator

For balancing wheelsets with a reducer in the middle of the axis, there is a jack supporting the reducer housing, and allowing to carry out balancing without disassembling the reducer housing.

Machine's working area protective guard.