Machine for balancing friction clutchesBVI-03-80 machine for balancing friction clutches of undercar generators
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The machine is designed for balancing friction clutches of EGV-08-U1 type undercar generators.

Reliability and productivity in the conditions of serial production and repair shops of railway depots

The spindle of the machine is designed as a full-fledged assembly of demountable construction, which simplifies its maintenance.

Asynchronous variable-frequency electric drive allows infinitely variable speed control without stopping the motor, selection of optimal modes for balancing, as well as additional rotor turn.

Spindle fixation with an electromagnetic clutch in the required angular position for the convenience of correcting the unbalance.

Easy-to-use and reliable balancing system PB-02M operates stably under harsh production conditions, performs a measurement cycle of one correction plane.

Interchangeable balancing mandrels developed by our specialists allow for quick and easy re-equipment of the machine for rotorors with different mounting holes.

SKF bearings used in the spindle can be replaced during operation in a short time .

Parameters BVI-03-80
Balancing rotors weight range, kg 100
- Maximum rotor diameter, mm 560
- Maximum rotor height, mm 250
Rotor rotation speed range, rpm 400-1200
Spindle connecting dimensions К40 (7:24)
Overall dimensions, mm 1700х890х1350
Machine weight, kg 250
Measuring system single-plane special

Technological mandrel for balancing the VBA-32/2 coupling

Technological mandrel for balancing the MAB coupling