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    "Micron" JSC designs and manufactures ball screws

    The ball screws are used at operating mechanism drives of machine-tools, press machines,  forging machine and other machines and mechanisms.

    The ball screws are required for conversion of screw (nut) rotating motion into  linear motion of driven element of mechanism.

    Ball screws advantages:

    • High accuracy;
    • High load capacity;
    • No axle play;
    • High rigidity;
    • High efficiency (85-90%);
    • Long  service life;
    • Smooth motion at low rotation speed and high loads.


    Having the best equipment set for ball screws manufacture in Europe, "Micron" plant is able to manufacture any ball screws for native and foreign equipment.

    The plant is able to manufacture the ball screws with length up to 3000 mm. The longer ball screws can be made as combined from several parts.

    Main features of the ball screws:

    Accuracy in accordance with :
    ISO 3408: 1, 3, 5 pr OST 2Р-31-5-89: П1-П10, Т3-Т10;
    Thread diameter: 16…..120;
    Thread pitch : 2,5…..32, (including non-standard).
    We offer you to consider a possibility to apply our ball screws at machines, made by your enterprise.

    We welcome your enquiries and orders for ball screws for repair native and foreign equipment.

    You can buy our ball screws at our agents in Moscow (Russia).









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