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Soft-Bearing balancing machine for cardan shafts BVI-03-74

Main specifications

The table shows just the list of specifications of basic machines.

Almost every parameter of the machine concerning balancing rotor (like diameter, length, mass etc.) may be changed by the customer’s order.

1. Machine’s type Soft-Bearing
2. Range of masses of balanced rotors, kg 3 - 120
3. Maximum diameter of a pipe, mm 200
4. Maximum diameter of flanges, mm 300
5. Maximum length of the driveshaft, mm 3900*
6. Quantity of center bearings 4
7. Quantity of planes measured at the same time 2, 3, 4
8. Range of rotating speeds of a rotor, rpm 1000 - 2500
9. Smallest achievable residual unbalance, gmm/kg 1
10. Power of the electromotor, kW 1,5
11. Measuring system


Our machines with PC-based firmware are supplied with licensed operational system

* Parameter may be changed by the customer’s task

Special application measuring system PAK-74:

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