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Hard-Bearing balancing machine for cardan shafts BVI-03-77

Makes the work easier


  • Balancing of two-, three- and four- center bearing drive shafts of any construction.

  • Length of the shafts very from 200 to 4200 (mm), weight from 10 to 150 (kg). Delivery of the machine with longer bed for balancing of drive shafts with length to 7400 mm is possible.

  • Check of working ability of the drive shaft on 2500 rpm.

Reliable basis

Special features of the construction

  • The taper joint of a spindle and adapters minimizes an error of installation of the cardan.

  • The multiple cam clamping adapter fixes any flanges in a few seconds.

  • Presence of the spindle pawl for convenience of the shaft installation.

  • All-metal support with toothed mechanisms of relocation on base guides.

  • Frequency-regulated asynchronous electric drive tuned beforehand allows to supervise rotating speed of a rotor, acceleration and braking process.

  • Additional balancing of the engine assembled with a pulley excludes influence on results of measurements.

  • Balancing system PAK-4 with possibility of two-, three- and four-planar balancing on the basis of the industrial computer with the touch screen. The software on the basis of license Windows 7 OS with advanced management system operations.

  • Information on a welding place and load mass at the same time for 4 planes is displayed in the form of the graphic chart.

  • The system shows angular position of the driveshaft in real time, highlights imbalance parameters in case of coincidence of the current angle and an adjustment angle.

  • All electric equipment is located in the case; external cables are brought to metal hoses. Assembly meets standards of CE.

 The machine may be delivered:

  • with the welding inverter of ELECTREX firm for adjustment of masses of balanced driveshafts.

  • with a two-section protective barrier of the driveshaft, for safeguarding from probable burst of badly fixed correctional loads, lubrication from bearings, etc.

  • with an option automatic additional turn of a balanced detail in an installation site or removals of the adjusting mass.

  • with special technological adapters.

Responsible approach


  • Protective brackets for preventing of embarkation of a shaft and its elements when corrupting hinges or a splined joint.

  • Locks of switching on of a spindle rotation in case of its fixing.

  • Barrier of a belt drive and pulleys.

  • The protective locks, preventing and ordering signs and tables.

Powerful arguments

It is convenient with us

  • You acquire not only the reliable machine, but also technology of repair of driveshafts - independent business.

  • Any issues on mechanical part are resolved within a day, it is possible to deliver any element to the machine in a week.

  • The additional industrial equipment is notable for simplicity, it can be bought, and can be made independently

  • All the machine details are self-produced. All the components are from the checked firm only, with which we cooperate for more than 7 years.

  • Machines allow balancing details with the considerable initial imbalance, the measuring system sees any deviation.

  • Own department on repair of driveshafts – everything with what it is possible to face in operation is experienced and considered.

  • The technological level of machines is close to the European vendors, thus its price is lower in several times.

  • On-line training - technical support in a phone cal model.

  • Special conditions and separate approach for a small-scale business.

Main specifications

The table shows just the list of specifications of basic machines.

Almost every parameter of the machine concerning balancing rotor (like diameter, length, mass etc.) may be changed by the customer’s order.

1. Machine’s type Hard-Bearing
2. Range of masses of balanced rotors, kg 10 - 150
3. Maximum diameter of a pipe, mm 150
4. Maximum diameter of flanges, mm 300
5. Maximum length of the driveshaft, mm 4200*
6. Quantity of center bearings 4
7. Quantity of planes measured at the same time 2, 3, 4
8. Range of rotating speeds of a rotor, rpm 400 - 2500
9. Smallest achievable residual unbalance, gmm/kg 10
10. Power of the electromotor, kW 3
11. Measuring system


Our machines with PC-based firmware are supplied with licensed operational system

* Parameter may be changed by the customer’s task

Special application measuring system PAK-4:

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