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PAK-1 PC-based firmware


PAK-1 PC based firmware is used at hard bearing balancing machines with turning by rotor geometric dimensions as well as at soft bearing balancing machines with turning by "three test starts" method.

It consists of a measuring block, PC and motor control (frequency inverter).

PAK-1 can be equipped with touch-screen PC.

PC application allows to realize a range of additional functions.

Software in-built functions:

- Exponential vector averaging increases measuring accuracy at significant  undesired signals with speed similar to the rotating rotor speed.

- Vector averaging of the several last measuring results allows to balance rotors with non-stationary elements.

- Possibility to indicate a place of installation of correct load at the rotor (blades, fans and grooves)

- Possibility to make a static (one-plane) balancing in dynamic mode at two-plane balancing machine.

- Initial unbalance consideration at choice of control mass weights (you can see a warning about necessity to increase control mass at significant initial unbalance values)/

- Rotor rotation speed control (you can see a warning if nominal speed inclination is more than 5%).

- Unbalance consideration of the holder (mandrel) at two-plate balancing. It is useful at machines with axle drive.

Software additional functions:

Control and permissible mass value calculation  for balancing machine turning on a new rotor.


There are 3 calculation types (The type of calculation depends on initial data list):

-calculation on rotor accuracy level;
-calculation on specific unbalance;

-calculation on permissible residual unbalance.




Unbalance location at n-plate correction:

Unbalance location at fixing points with application of fixed mass loads.

Rotor balancing report creating and printing

Automatic additional turn of the balanced part at place (point) where correction mass should be placed or removed


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