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Microprocessor-based two-plane balancing device PB-02M


It is the simplest and safe – combines the thought-over functionality and adaptivity under any working conditions

Balancing device PB-02M is developed and made specially for application as a part of balancing machines of the majority of existing constructions. Precision characteristics of machines equipped PB-02M meet the requirements of GOST 20076-2007 and the ISO 2953-99 standard. 

Optimum ergonomics

Balancing device PB-02M is so easy and convenient in operation that three hours of training are enough for the user to start sure maintenance.

  • Use of microprocessor electronics in combination with the membrane keypad give exceptional reliability and working capacity under production conditions to any complexity - dust, moisture, cold, heat, operation by dirty hands.

  • Settings of earlier balanced rotors are stored in the device memory what reduce time of readjustment of the machine. Storage of results up to 100 last measurements allows to analyze and supervise balancing process.

  • Information is shown in the liquid-crystal character display with viewing angle 170 degrees and broad operative temperature range.

Basis of the qualitative balancing

Programmatically-realized intrinsic function

The software of system allows performing machine tuning by a method of trial start-up on serial rotors with an initial imbalance that excludes a waste of time on manufacture of a reference rotor and carrying out the conditional balancing.

  • Exponential vectorial averaging increases measuring accuracy in the presence of the considerable noises, with a frequency close to the frequency of a rotating rotor

  • Vectorial averaging of necessary quantity of last measurement results allows carrying out balancing with mobile (ambiguously being set from start-up to start-up) elements

  • Possibility of expansion of correction weights onto constructively-caused fixing points (blades, paddles, slots)

  • Possibility of carrying out static (single-plane) balancing in dynamic mode on the biplanar balancing machine.

  • Consideration of the eccentricity of the balancing arbor

  • Consideration of the initial disbalance at choosing values of control masses (the hint about necessity to increase control masses at significant values of the initial disbalance).

  • Control over rotor’s revolution speed with the hint at the deviation from the nominal one on more than 5%.

  • Consideration of the disbalance of the technological gear at two-plane balancing – it is useful for operation on the machines with the end drive.

 Main technical data and specification

 Number of the planes of rotor correction  2
(measurement is carried out
at the same time)
 System of coordinates measurement polar
 The ranges of operating rates when balancing, rpm 200-10000
(with possibility
of extension to any side)
 Units of measure of rotational speed of a rotor rpm
 Representation of disbalance value In grams, gmm, gcm, gmm/kg, D add. By choice
 Discretization of measurement of the disbalance value Not less than 0.1 from the value of the admissible disbalance
 Units of angle measurement Angle degrees
 Discretization of measurement of the angle: 1 degree
 Volume of a non-volatile memory
 - settings of rotors
 - results of measurements
 Kind of current of a power line variable, single-phase
 Frequency of current, Hz 50
 Mains voltage, V 220
 Power consumption, not more than, Wt 10
 Overall dimensions, mm 270 х 220 х 120*
 Mass of products no more than, kg 1,8*
 Standard complete set - photosensor
- cables for connection to sensors of vibrosupport of the machine
- network cord
- maintenance manual
 Additional complete set - vibration sensors
- piezoelectric power sensors for use on measuring support of below resonance balancing machines

 (* )- parameters for the device case in standard model

In addition

Development of different means of communication and the software those coordinate work of balancing machines with the personal computer and industrial controllers which work as a part of automatic transfer lines.

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