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Repair and modernization any balancing machines

Balancing machine modernization samples:

МS-9719 balancing machine DB-300K balancing machine DB-50 balancing machine
More details... More details... More details...

  Main types of modernization works:

1. Change of old measuring system for a modern microprocessor one:


ПБ-02М (letter-digital display)                             PB-02M with graphic indicator

Software PAK-1

The machines equipped with a hardware-software complex are completed with a permit operating system

2. Installation of new sensors and amplifiers:


3. Installation of new electric equipment:

- new asynchronous engines are installed;

- are mounted frequency inverter:



4.1. Production of the belt drive of a detail for machines with the axial drive:

4.2. Production of the axial drive of a detail for machines with the belt drive:

5. Production of special equipment for balancing machines:

6. Production of a new suspension bracket and roller cartridges:


Balancing machine modernization samples:

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