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Balancing machine for train wheelpairs 9709

Provides with the highest accuracy of balancing of the wheel pairs of the railway rolling stock

9709 balancing machine during operation process

The first in the business


  • Balancing of the wheel pairs according to the GOST 4835-80 for coaches used in trains with traverse speed more than 140 kph.
  • Balancing of the wheel pairs according to the EEN 13260 (with the traverse speed in the range from 120 to 200 kph and over 200 kph).
  • Balancing of rotors of technological equipment at repair.

Elements of irreproachable work

Design features

  • The machine support of the box-like form with wheelworks of the movement on the guidings allow balancing the wheel pairs with the great range of lengths between the middle points of the bearing pins.
  • Bering rollers are designed as the full-fledged bearing mount assembly, what simplifies its service.
  • The bearings of SKF used in the rollers may be easily replaced in operation process.
  • Self-setting supports with cylindrical hardened rollers exclude the possibility of creating the “knurl” trails on the installation (bearing) pins with low hardness at the big rotor mass.
  • Balancing of pairs with internal rings of the journal bearings as well as without hem is possible.
  • Wishbone suspension with bearing hinge has own low resonance frequency what guarantees tolerance and operating life of the machine.
  • The mechanism of the suspension fixation at acceleration and braking gives the opportunity to carry out balancing of rotors with significant initial disbalance.
  • End drive of the detail revolution lets to balance on the machine the rotor with design features not allowing application of belt drive.
  • Jacks for the smooth installation and removal of the wheel pair from the supports provides with protection of the machine mechanisms from the hits, create comfort and safety in operation process.
  • Frequency-regulated asynchronous electric drive tuned beforehand allows to supervise rotating speed of a rotor, acceleration and braking process.
  • Hardware-software balancing complex on the base of the industrial fanless computer ensures disbalance measurement in polar coordinate system in two planes with saving the value and the angle of disbalance,  relative to the axis transient through the geometric centres of the wheels roll as well as relative to the axis of revolution of the wheel pair. The software of the base of the licensed OS Windows 8 with simple and clear graphic interface.
  • All electric equipment is located in the case; external cables are brought to metal hoses. Assembly meets standards of CE.
  • Safety of labour conditions on the machine are ensured by the rigid props, protective casings of the drive belts and revolving pulleys, protective interlocks, ergonomic command units etc.

Machines may be equipped

With the mechanism of reducer body lifting for the possibility of balancing of wheel pairs of reduction drives of passenger coaches from the middle part of the axle without reducer’s dismantling.

Conditions of reliable cooperation

It is convenient with us

  • 40-year experience of Odessa plant of precision machines is the basis of our developments.

  • The delivery of the machine on Your details allows to project the balancing technology directly for Your production and its features.

  • Any questions on mechanical part are settled in one day, any element may be delivered in a week for the machine.

  • All the machine’s details are of the own production only. Components are provided by the reliable companies, with those we cooperate for more than 7 years.

  • The whole technological gear is notable for simplicity, and may be produced by your own.

  • Machines allow balancing details with the significant initial disbalance, balancing system notes any declinations.

  • Technical level of the machines is closed to European producers, and with this prices are lower in several times.

  • On-line teaching – technical support in telephone call mode.

Main specifications

The table shows just the list of specifications of basic machines.

Almost every parameter of the machine concerning balancing rotor (like diameter, length, mass etc.) may be changed by the customer’s order.

1. Range of masses of rotors balanced on the machine, kg 50 - 1500
2. Maximal rotor diameter, mm 1500
3. Diameter of rotor bearing pins, mm 50 - 250
4. Distance between the midpoints of rotor collar areas, mm 450 - 2900
5. Range of rotating speeds of a rotor, rpm 300 - 500
6. Smallest achievable residual unbalance, gmm/kg 1
7. Driving gear type End
8. Work supports type Rollers
9. Base length, mm 3850
10. Machine’s mass, kg 2800
11. Mains current ~ 3-phase
12. Frequency, Hz 50 ± 1
13. Voltage, V 380 ± 10%
14. Power of the electromotor, kW 15
15. Balancing system PAK-WP

Our machines with PC-based firmware are supplied with licensed operational system

Special application measuring system PAK-WP:

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