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Universal hard-bearing balancing machine

30 000 kg capacity

Balancing machine 9D715Y based on the measuring system PAK-1

Balancing machine 9D716 based on the measuring system PB-02M with graphic indicator

Special balancing machine 9D716M2O based on the measuring system PB-02M

Balancing machine 9D717 based on the measuring system PB-02M with graphic indicator

When there are a lot of tasks


  • Balancing of various twin-pillar rotors with mass from 1 to 30000 kg.

  • Balancing of inboard and outboard rotors.

  • Balancing of the details those do not have their own load-bearing faces (disks, ventilators, pumps) on the special mandrels.

  • Balancing of rotors in their own bearings.

Favour in each detail

Design features

  • All-metal pillars with toothed gears of travel on the base’s guides.

  • Rolling cartridges enable to balance crankshafts or rotors with “narrow” bearing journals and provide stability of precision of measurements parameters.

  • Bearing rollers are engineered as the full-fledged bearing assembly of dismountable construction, what simplifies its maintenance.

  • SKF bearings used in rollers can be easily in operation process.

  • Replaceable cartridges with adjusting prisms allow to balance various types of rotors in own bearings or bearing assembly.

  • Arrangement of the belt drive provides universality of the machine, the big course of a tension pulley allows using one-two belts only. Installation of a belt doesn't demand assembly dismantling.

  • Pre-tuned frequency-regulated asynchronous electric drive allows controlling rotor rotation frequency, both processes of acceleration and braking.

  • Possibilities of the balancing system PAK-1 allows to spread disbalance on several plates and to calculate the depth of drilling, what facilitates balancing process significantly.  The software on the base of the licensed OS Windows 7 with simple and clear graphical interface.

  • The customer has opportunity to reduce cost, having chosen installation of balancing system PB-02M on the machine.

  • All electric equipment is located in a case; external cables are brought to metal hoses. Assembly meets standards of CE.

  • Safety of working conditions on the machine are provided by a rigid emphasis, protection covers of the driving belt and rotating pulleys, protective blocking, ergonomic command units, etc.

Machines may be equipped

  • With the belt drive of the detail.

  • With the end drive of the detail.

  • With the combined drive of the detail.

  • With the drilling unit of disbalance correction.

  • With the milling unit of disbalance correction.

  • With the protective barriers of B or C classes according to the GOST 31321-2006.

Conditions of the reliable cooperation

It is convenient with us

  • 40-year experience of Odessa plant of precision machines is the basis of our developments.

  • The delivery of the machine on Your details allows to project the balancing technology directly for Your production and its features.

  • Any questions on mechanical part are settled in one day, any element may be delivered in a week for the machine.

  • All the machine’s details are of the own production only. Components are provided by the reliable companies, with those we cooperate for more than 7 years.

  • The whole technological gear is notable for simplicity, and may be produced by your own.

  • Machines allow balancing details with the significant initial disbalance, balancing system notes any declinations.

  • Technical level of the machines is closed to European producers, and with this prices are lower in several times.

  • On-line teaching – technical support in telephone call mode. 

Main specifications

The table shows just the list of specifications of basic machines.

Almost every parameter of the machine concerning balancing rotor (like diameter, length, mass etc.) may be changed by the customer’s order.

  9D715 9D715Y 9D716 9D717 9D718 9D719 9D720
Range of masses of balanced rotors, kg 1-100 1-300 5-500 15-1500 30-3000 50-5000 100-10000
Maximal rotor diameter (above the bed), mm 1100 1300 1300 1800 2000 2500 2500
Diameter of the bearing pins of the rotor, mm 20-140 20-140 30-180 40-230 50-300 50-300 50-300
Distance between midpoints of bearing pins of the rotor, мм, min/max 150-1350 150-1350 200-2000 360-3000 470-3000 470-3000 500-4600
Work supports type Rollers
Smallest achievable residual unbalance, gmm/kg 0,4 0,4 0,4 0,4 0,4 0,4 0,4
Range of rotating speeds of a rotor, rpm 300-1500 300-1500 300-1500 250-1200 200-1000 200-1000 200-1000
Drive type AC motor with frequency inverter
Electric motor power, kW 2,2 2,2 4,0 7,5 15,0 22,0 30,0
Type of the driving gear Belt Belt Belt Belt Belt Belt Belt
Balancing system Measuring system
Base length, mm 1600 1600 2600 3150 3150 4000 5000
Machine weight, kg 450 460 460 580 --- --- ---

Our machines with PC-based firmware are supplied with licensed WINDOWS operational system

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