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Universal soft-bearing balancing machine

30 000 kg capacity

Balancing machine 9K717 based on the measuring system PAK-1

Balancing machine 9K718 based on the measuring system PAK-1

Our long-term experience shows that a customer’s requirements differ from any standard balancing machine features. That’s why any feature of our balancing machine like (diameter, length, weights and etc. of the balancing rotor can be changed in accordance with our customer requirement. The below mentioned table shows standard base balancing machine features. Your balancing rotor parameters are always considered before balancing machine order.

Balancing machine 9K719 based on the measuring system PAK-1

The machines can be supplied with:

  •  rotor belt drive;

  •  rotor axle (cardan) drive;

  •  combined drive.

Balancing machine features:

  • self-installing rollers;

  • AC Frequency inverter;

  • hoisting jacks for smooth and non-shock rotor stop;

  • the machine can be used without installing at special foundation;

  • 2 end support in set.

Main specifications

  9K716 9K717 9K718 9K719 9K720 9K721
Range of masses of balanced rotors, kg 3-300 10-1000 30-3000 100-10000 200-20000 300-30000
Maximal rotor diameter (above the bed), mm 1800 2000 2300 2600 2500 4000
Diameter of the bearing pins of the rotor, mm 10-240 15-270 20-400 30-420 70-420 70-450
Distance between midpoints of bearing pins of the rotor, мм, min/max 140/2000 250/2400 350/3000 400/5600 800/10000 800/10000
Work supports type Rollers
Smallest achievable residual unbalance, gmm/kg 0,4 0,4 0,4 0,4 0,4 0,4
Range of rotating speeds of a rotor, rpm 300-2800 300-2000 300-1500 200-1300 200-1000 200-1000
Drive type AC motor with frequency inverter
Electric motor power, kWt 4,0 7,5 15 30 75 110
Type of the driving gear Belt Belt Belt Belt Belt Belt
Balancing system Measuring system
Base length, mm 2400 3150 4000 6000 10500 10500
Machine weight, kg 450 1500 2500 4600 11500 12000

Our machines with PC-based firmware are supplied with licensed WINDOWS operational system

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