Balancing machines and solutions for you!
We develop and manufacture universal balancing machines for all rotors
Garage Equipment
Earn money in your garage
Industrial balancing machines
The most productive machines
Turbocharger CHRA Replacement Business
Make money on turbine repair with minimal investment.
Turbocharger testing bench TURBO BOOST TEST
The bench is used to test the supercharger characteristics in dynamic mode.
The washing machine for hydrodynamic cleaning of POSEIDON-1000 restores efficiency of DPF filters by 97%.
Balancing services for rotors weighing up to 1500kg
We provide services of high-quality balancing of various bodies of revolution

VTM Group

We develop and manufacture hardbearing universal balancing machines weighing up to 8,000 kg, softbearing machines up to 30,000 kg, as well as special softbearing machines for heavy rotors weighing up to 65,000 kg. Also among our developments there are special balancing machines. The company has been operating since 1973. Production facilities are located in Odessa. Equipment is delivered to all countries of the world.

The main line of balancing machines

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the groups of universal balancing machines that we develop and manufacture.


  • Wide Range Of Applications
    Our balancing machines for various workpieces of any types and sizes
  • High productivity and universality
    Allows to use in production and overhaul workshop
  • Balancing tooling
    Offered only in accordance with specifics of your business
  • Free Training
    Any employee can easily learn operation and maintenance skills
  • Commissioning
    Commissioning and adjustment works at the customer site

If you need advice, please contact us!

Along with the machine, you will receive balancing technology, skills training, and technical support for the entire life of the equipment.
Commercial offer for equipment

Leave a request, our manager will contact you to clarify the details for preparing a commercial offer

    Turnkey business

    In addition to selling repair and balancing equipment, VTM Group is ready to offer you a turnkey business creation service in your region.


    • Full range of equipment
      for balancing and repair from single source
    • Training any worker
      Training any worker in operation and maintenance skills
    • Help you master the technology
      Help you master turbocharger repair technology
    • Sharing work experience
      Sharing experience of our own services
    • Recommend suppliers
      Advise suppliers of quality spare parts

    We offer an integrated approach to problem solving

    You can buy everything as correctly as possible in one place: "1 stop-1 shop". And while the system will work as a whole. Both beginners and obvious leaders of this market work with us. Please contact us and we will arrange cardan repair for you and together with you! There is no cardan repair in your city yet? Give us a call and be the first. The former always earn more!
    Get a comprehensive offer to open your business

    Leave a request, and we will send you price and specifications of the equipment, description on how to organize the work

      All made equipment has a guarantee. If you understand that it is necessary to repair or upgrade the equipment, please contact our specialists for advice.

      Our services

      Our equipment is used

      JSC Sumy Plant «Nasosenergomash»
      Kharkov Machine-Building Plant «FED»
      JSC «Motor Sich»
      Antonov Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex
      Odessa Aviation Plant
      Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant
      State Kiev Design Bureau «Luch»
      OOO «Ukrainian Cardan"