Maximal weight, kg
Maximal diameter, mm
Rotor length, mm

Universal balancing machine of an over-resonant type, with pendulum suspension and cylindrical rollers, with belt drive of rotor rotation. The machine balances the rotor with high requirements for residual unbalance, for the surface quality of the necks, as well as for the quality of workmanship in general. This led to the use of machine tools of the 9K series in a wide variety of industries: metallurgical, gas and petrochemical, energy, mechanical engineering, etc.

The machine allows you to balance intersupport and cantilever rotors, rotors on special mandrels, as well as in special equipment (frame). It can be equipped with a combined rotation drive for balancing various types of turbine rotors, rotors of special equipment.

The design of the balancing equipment model 9K718 is designed for balancing rotors up to 8000 kg. On a balancing machine, it is easy to balance both the rotor of an electric motor or a diesel locomotive generator, and to eliminate imbalance on any rotor of a petrochemical pump.

“Soft” suspension and vibration sensors of the balancing machine make it possible to achieve high accuracy in determining and eliminating imbalance on rotors, the design of which is very different from each other. For example: you will be able to balance a beater and an air blower wheel with the same accuracy, despite their obvious design differences.

Balancing machine series 9K, manufactured by VTM GROUP, has high adaptive properties due to its unique design and functional balancing system. This makes it indispensable for balancing disk-type rotors (saw blades, compressor equipment wheels, fans, etc.), and, if necessary, balancing a shaft-type part. An example of such parts would be a motor armature, a paper machine shaft, a crusher rotor, or a shredder drum.


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    Self-aligning roller cassettes

    • The most important characteristic of a balancing machine is accuracy; for balancing machines, the accuracy parameter is the smallest achievable residual unbalance. For series-produced machines of the 9K series, the smallest achievable residual unbalance is 0.4 g * mm / kg. Which is 0.4 µm eccentricity. There is no mistake 0.4 µm. Situations where higher accuracy is needed are extremely rare in technology. However, if you need a machine with a higher accuracy, then you can specify this when ordering, and we will manufacture you a machine with the smallest achievable residual unbalance up to 0.1 g * mm / kg.

    Note: I will immediately answer the question of how much such a machine is more expensive? The same price. It is not more expensive. This value is achieved by the settings of a particular machine. Be skeptical if someone uses this parameter as a competitive advantage and says that his machine is more accurate and can achieve, for example, 0.01 gmm / kg. Because there will be a huge difference between ideal conditions under which this value can be achieved and a real machine with a real part.

    • The mobility of the support suspension allows you to accurately determine whether the rotor spins in the range of “resonant frequencies” even without the help of a balancing system, by visual means. It is also worth noting that due to the high mobility of the support suspension, it is easy to diagnose even a small level of residual vibration after balancing, “by touch”. This is of great importance for operators who are accustomed to checking the quality of balancing not only by analyzing the data of the balancing system, but also by listening to their feelings.
    • Self-aligning roller cassette that adjusts to the rotor in two axes. It allows you to reduce the setup time of the machine and, as a result, the total time required to balance the part, and secondly, to reduce the chances of damage to the contact surfaces of the rotor due to improper installation of the product on the rollers of the machine.
    • The width of the rollers allows balancing rather heavy rotors for quite a long time without “knurling” on the contact surface of the rotor.
    • The hardness of the surface layer of the rollers is from 52-56 Rockwell units, which guarantees their long service life. An additional set of rollers with a different standard size is supplied with the machine. In order to make it possible to reinstall the rollers within two minutes, a special design of the roller cassette and rollers was developed.

    An additional set of rollers with a different standard size is supplied with the machine. In order to make it possible to reinstall the rollers within two minutes, a special design of the roller cassette and rollers was developed.

    The “Knurling” effect occurs if the contact surface of the rotor has less hardness than the rollers and the rotor has a large mass. To reduce this effect, the rollers have a wide contact surface and radius chamfers.

    • The design of the supports on all machines of the 9K series allows you to adjust the roller cassettes in height, this expands the functionality of the machine.
    • Clamps are provided on the supports, they are used in the single-plane balancing mode, as well as for fixing the supports when passing through the range of “resonant frequencies”. After reaching the range of “operating rotor speed during balancing”, the supports will be unlocked.
    • All machines are equipped with axial stops. Axial stops limit the displacement of the rotor in axial directions, preventing the possibility of the rotor flying out of the machine. Thanks to the unique patented design of the MOVING ROLLERⓇ axial stops, contact with the rotor does not create large balancing errors.

    Performance and operation

    • The design of the machines allows you to install the bed directly on the workshop floor, that is, there is no need to make a separate foundation for the machine. Machines come in 2 versions with and without floor attachment.
    • Belt drive with a wide range of adjustment of the tension roller with a new design patented by our company in 2019 LONG STROKE Ⓡ, which allows using just two drive belts with different sizes to cover all customer needs.
    • The ability to adjust the tension roller allows you to adjust the belt tension force, for over-resonant machines, this is of great importance, since over-tensioning the belt can affect the quality of balancing.
    • Presence of jacks for installation of a rotor on rollers. As during installation it is very easy to damage the surface of the rollers of the machine or the contact surface of the rotor, which will not allow to achieve the necessary balancing accuracy in the future. The installation of the rotor on a machine equipped with jacks is carried out in the following way: The rotor is initially installed with a crane on the prisms of the jack with pads made of soft material. Then the rotor, mounted on prisms, is smoothly lowered onto the rollers using jacks. At the same time, we completely exclude the possibility of impact during installation.
    • Another great advantage of the belt drive design is the ability of quick change of the belt. This also saves setup time.
    • The use of electric motors with increased power reduces the acceleration and deceleration time and also eliminates situations when you cannot accelerate the part to the required speed.
    • The motor is controlled by a frequency converter. It allows: to achieve smooth regulation of the rotor speed in the entire operating range, to organize a smooth start and stop of the engine, and also to protect the electric motor.
    • There is a lot of iron in the machine; it is heavier than its main competitors and therefore more reliable.

    This parameter now needs to be used carefully, because there are machines with a bed filled with concrete and they are heavy. But that doesn’t mean they’re better or worse… they’re JUST HEAVY. At the same time, we encourage you to pay attention to such things as the diameter of the roller axis when choosing a machine. The diameter of the shaft on which the cassette rotates. The reliability and durability of the machine depends on these things, as well as the maximum unbalance that this machine can measure.

    • All machines in this series are modular and made according to MODULAR DESIGNⓇ technology, you can use any equipment and change the characteristics of the machine, for example, increase the diameter or put a cassette from the machine with a smaller standard size for a small rotor.

    Machine version

    • An alternative to “belt drive” is “axle drive”, which uses a cardan shaft that is capable of transferring a lot of torque from the electric motor to the rotor. Such a drive is used for parts with high aerodynamic resistance or design features (for example, screws). The axial drive of all machines of the 9K series is equipped with a full-fledged pinole.
    • Combined drive – two axial and belt drives on one bed. Such a machine will be in demand by enterprises with rotors of various designs.
    • You can order additional equipment that will allow you to balance cantilever rotors, that is, rotors in which the center of gravity is located outside the supports and not between them. Fastening for it is provided in all machines of this series.


    We make balancing easier – the main advantage that characterizes our balancing systems.

    • Ease of use and ease of operation do not require special theoretical knowledge from the operator.
    • Displays the balancing process in real time, monitors the unbalance behavior of the rotor on the screen to achieve the best result.
    • The maximum sensitivity of the machine at any time of operation, adjustment to the rotor and calibration of the machine is carried out by the operator himself.
    • It is free from the influence of external vibration factors on the measurement result, has a high level of noise immunity of all elements.
    • World-leading functionality and accuracy, backed by 40 years of development and application experience in a variety of industries.


    Parameter 9К718М
    Mass range of balanced rotors, kg 80 — 8000
    Maximum rotor diameter (above bed),
    Diameter of bearing necks of the rotor, mm 400 — 5000
    Distance between the centers of the supporting necks of the rotor, mm, min/max 140 — 2400
    Support type Rollers
    Minimum achievable residual specific imbalance, 0,4
    Rotor speed range, rpm 200 — 1300
    Type of drive Frequency-adjustable asynchronous electric drive
    Electric motor power, kW 22
    Element transmitting the rotation of the rotor Belt
    Instrumentation PAK-1
    Base length, mm 5500
    Equipment Drive belts Prisms for light rotors Instruction manual


    Our company has the service center for technical support in case of any questions you can contact us for help.


    The page lists the characteristics of the basic model of the machine. Almost any parameter(diameter, length, weight, etc.) of the bench can be changed on the customer’s request. When ordering the machine, all parameters of the machine will be agreed additionally.


    We will calculate the tolerances for the permissible residual disbalance according to your drawings. Balance correctly!