Turbocharger CHRA Replacement Business

Make money on turbo repair with minimal investment

Approximately 80% of the turbos that come in for repair today can be repaired by replacing the cartridge.

A full-fledged turbo repair is a mini-production facility with many machines, spare parts warehouse and complex repair technology. The second way to repair a turbo is to replace the cartridge What is a turbocharger cartridge? It is the main part of a turbocharger that consists of the housing, shaft with wheel and bearings. It is effectively a turbo without the coils. The parts that wear out or get damaged during operation are usually the ones that make up the cartridge. The coils, on the other hand, are usually not damaged.
The development of turbo cartridge manufacturing in China has meant that new cartridges are now available for a huge number of vehicles. Especially many cartridges are available for passenger cars with an age of 5 to 15 years. You can buy a turbocharger cartridge for almost all common passenger cars. In this case, all the complex high-precision operations that are used in full repair services become unnecessary, because the cartridge has already passed all the stages of balancing, checking for leaks, etc. It is assembled and tested. Accordingly, almost any service station or any locksmith "with hands" can learn how to change them.

What you need to replace cartridges

  1. a good workbench with a vise with a metal surface;
  2. horn wrenches, sockets, ring pullers and other locksmith tools;
  3. compressor;
  4. sandblaster (to clean the snails, because they will be screwed old ones to the new cartridge);
  5. geometry tuning stand;
  6. tester for checking the electronic servo drive;
  7. Vacuum gauge for setting the valve of turbos with vacuum actuator and for checking vacuum actuators.
Please note: there are no balancing machines here!
Yes, in a good way, you can add a dispersal stand, like SBR-10, to check the quality of cartridge balancing and check them for oil leaks, but you can buy cartridges a little more expensive and better quality like Jrone ... and postpone the purchase of a dispersal stand for a while. And then, having invested about 10 thousand dollars in the list of what you need (and if you have a locksmith tool and workbench, compressor - then you need only items from item 4. to item 6) you can with minimal investment - start fixing turbos for your customers. At the same time, due to the lack of investment in expensive equipment, the absence of costs for renting premises for this equipment, the absence of workers and their salaries, there is a very quick payback. And all of the above are competitive advantages over traditional services.

Most of the major services went into the regions with this very model:

A) Basic service there's a basic service that fixes turbos using traditional full-blown technology. Here's an example of a traditional service - reference
B) Branches all the other cities are opening receptions, that only replace cartridges, and staff these receptions with only a minimum set of equipment.
Opening a cartridge replacement service can also be a good idea to test a region or locality if you are going to open a full-fledged repair shop. The investment is six times less. And if the business of replacing cartridges goes well, then you can open a full-fledged repair. And if something goes wrong, then move such a service for cartridge replacement can be in another region with minimal costs and losses. Also a good idea to open such a service will be for those who 20 ... 25 turbos of their clients take to a specialized service for turbo repair from their service every month. You just can have an additional income and do not have to go anywhere....

What VTM GROUP offers:

1. Equipment of own production

We have 25 years of experience in the production of equipment for turbo repair, in Ukraine our balancing and tuning machines are used more than machines of all other manufacturers.

All market leaders in the turbo repair market are repaired with our machines: Turbomicron, TurboSTO, Turbo Center, TurboAM, Genstar, Turbocraft.

2. Training course on how to replace the cartridge yourself

We are ready to teach you how to use this equipment and teach you how to change cartridges properly. There's a lot of nuances that they don't tell you about on Youtube. And some Youtube videos about cartridge replacement are harmful in general.

3. Supply of turbo cartridges

We are ready to supply you with the best price-quality cartridges available on the market from Jrone. At the same time, if you bring you a turbo that does not have a cartridge, we are ready to take it to work and repair it, leaving you a commission of 20% or suggest the nearest decent turbocharger repair with equipment.



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    NOTE: If you want to change the cartridge once in your car, have your turbo serviced by a service that knows how to do it. Mistakes in replacement can cost you not only a broken cartridge, but also other parts in the car. And Youtube videos on this topic are mostly harmful and do not show the essence of problems and correctness of actions during replacement.

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