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We produce the entire complex of equipment for balancing cardan shafts.

We share the experience of two of our own services for the repair of cardan shafts. We ourselves repair cardans and work on our equipment, so the equipment is adapted for those who work on it. With our equipment, the payback period of your business will be reduced in 2-3 times. We do not sell the franchise, every client gets what he needs
This market is characterized by the presence of a large number of special equipment, on which a finished cardan shaft is not always available, as a spare part. In addition, the cost of new cardan shafts can be just fantastic. All trucks + all special equipment + most of the minibuses are equipped with cardan shafts.
There are at least 7 repair centers of cardan shafts and at least 5 repair services of turbochargers in Odessa (and these are only those with equipment) in a city with a population of 1 million people. All these workshops have enough space and work in the local market. Now on the market the situation prevails when cardan shafts from the regions go to some neighboring regional center or to the capital for repairs. However, in the future it will clearly not be.
Regional repair have a number of clear advantages over metropolitan ones. And these benefits will eventually be decisive:
1. No time and money for transportation, what reduces the transport downtime.
2. Regional repairmen have the opportunity to see the car from which the cardan shaft was repaired. There is access to the direct owner of the car, the service stations, serving the car, and the car itself, which dramatically increases the possibilities for solving the problems of the car as a whole.
3. The wages level in the region is lower.
4. It is possible to remove and install the shaft back.
5. In the capitals of different countries it is very expensive to remove/put a shaft + there is nowhere to store a car during repairs. Statistics indicate that in cities of 300 thousand people this business will be definitely profitable.

In cities, more than 1 million people will comfortably be able to work from 2 to 5 workshops. Moreover, these figures are characteristic of 2014, and with the growth of the market they will grow.

During 16 years of work, we observed hundreds of companies that started to repair the cardan shafts. We studied with them in the same way as with us. Very often we "walked" nearby and recorded both luck and mistakes. We have accumulated vast experience and are ready to share it. Summarizing this experience, we can safely say that all successful companies in this area are very similar to each other.
And all unsuccessful, are unsuccessful for various reasons. We can confidently show you a quick and direct path to success in this area. We passed it ourselves. We ourselves successfully fix cardan shafts using our own equipment, and we ourselves apply the skills that we teach other people.
There are many companies on the market that produce - sell balancing machines - but they themselves have never worked on them and do not even guess about their shortcomings. There are many companies on the market that sell spare parts to cardans, but they often do not know anything about these spare parts, since they themselves have never been checked.
Almost everyone who fixes something has something to learn. Each of these people somehow changes the technology, finds their own technical solutions, and you will have them if you take up this business. However, at the beginning of the journey, there is no point in inventing the "wheel." It's invented before you. We will just help you to go the initial path, which we went ourselves for several years, in a few months.
We do not sell the franchise and do not "tie" to ourselves forever (although we understand that this would increase our revenues). This is due to the fact that we cooperate with a large number of enterprises in the market, which need only our equipment because they have gone the rest of the way themselves and simply do not need our training, spare parts, etc.
What do we offer?
  1. Demonstration of the successful working repair enterprise.
  2. Supply of balancing equipment (entire complex).
  3. Supply of auxiliary equipment.
  4. Free training for all equipment supplied.
  5. Assistance and advice in the selection of other equipment. Paid training in the process of repairing the cardan shaft itself (in fact, we give the repair technologies developed by us and our partners).
  1. Delivery of quality spare parts for repair + consultations, where it is still possible to purchase the spare parts because here a very wide assortment of them is required.
  2. We answer any questions, from the organization of sales, to questions about the size of the wages fund (the level of people is very different, we try to help what a person needs).
  3. We introduce our clients to each other so that they can continue to communicate with each other. (For many people that became very useful).

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Along with the equipment, you will receive training in working skills, as well as technical support for the entire life of the equipment.
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