The machine for testing leaf springs of locomotives

The spring testing machine is intended for control, selection, and division into groups of springs by static loading. The machine allows you to measure the stiffness of other springs with a maximum static load of up to 15,000 kg.

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    The device for testing springs can determine (for each type of spring):

    • the value of the trial load;
    • the height of the spring in the free state;
    • the difference between the height of the spring before loading with a trial load and after loading;
    • the value of the actual deflection of the spring under the working static load;
    • working static load.

    The device is not a piece of test equipment and is not subject to certification. Measuring equipment is installed on the device, which is included in the State Register, is subject to verification, and has valid certificates of state verification.

    Parameters Locomotive Leaf Spring Testing Machine
    Dimensions, mm 1600 х 800 х 1100
    Power consumption 3 kW
    Power supply 380V; 50 Hz
    Approximate weight 250 kg
    Maximum static load 15000 kg
    Maximum travel under static load 200 mm
    Discreteness of readout of linear displacements, mm 0,1 mm
    Discreteness of reading of statistical load, kg 3…10 kg
    Noise level at the workplace, no more than dB 80