Turbocharger repair training

Every year, such a direction as the repair of turbochargers becomes more and more relevant.



In fact, this is a rather profitable business, because the profitability of this business reaches about 40%, but there is a question to appear, where can one learn how to repair turbines properly? In special institutions? They don’t even exist . From specialists in repair services? As an option, it’s possible, but this is also a problem, not every service has a desire to train a competitor, because this is their bread, and even if they take on the theoretical foundations, you won’t hear a word.

To solve this problem, our company has opened training courses that allow you to acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills.

The duration of the turbocharger repair training course is two to five days and is divided into two stages:

The first step will be to obtain theoretical foundations in the format of a presentation.

At this stage, you will be able to explore topics such as:

  • The purpose of the turbocharger, its structure and role in the operation of the car.
  • Various options for car turbo systems, their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Existing ways to combat the “Turbo pit” effect.
  • The structure of technical processes.
  • Possible causes of breakdowns of each part of the turbocharger and the ways of diagnostic .
  • Rules for communicating with clients.
  • Methods for flaw detection.
  • Features of each operation of those processes.
  • Features of the equipment used in the technological process.
  • Applied tools and fixtures at each stage of the technical process.
  • Theoretical foundations of balancing.
  • Repair technology (mechanical processing and assembly sequence of the turbocharger)
  • Balancing technology.

The presentation contains a large number of educational video materials that allow you to master the studied material quickly.

The second stage of training will be practice.  

The company has organized an operating site for the repair of turbochargers, where you will have an internship to consolidate gained theoretical knowledge.

Practice shows that information obtained by practical means is most effectively assimilated.

What gives practice:

  • You can track the technical process worked out over the years from the inside on all stages.
  • Get advice from any specialist.
  • You will have questions that could create many problems in the future.
  • Under the supervision of experienced specialists, you will be able to assemble the turbocharger yourself.
  • Understand the principles of workflow.
  • Communicate with specialists involved in ordering components for repair.
  • Try to work on special equipment.
  • See with your own eyes how the layout of the sites is done.
  • Learn the secrets of running a successful business.


At the end of the course ends, we will issue the certificate of completion.

If you need advice, please contact us!

Together with the machine you will receive balancing technology, training in work skills, as well as technical support for the entire life of the equipment.
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