Examples of use

Our machines are capable of balancing a wide variety of rotors of all designs and sizes.
rotors of all designs and sizes.
We design, manufacture and implement a wide variety of
balancing machines for products weighing
from 0.03 kg to 65,000 kg.

Fan impellersPulleysScrew compressor rotors
FansThreshing drumsSpindles of machine tools
Motor AnchorsPlaner shaftDrums and variators combines
CentrifugesImpellersRotors in their own Rotors in their own bearings
Compressor rotorBlower gas rotorShredder shaft with knives
CrankshaftsCentrifugal separatorsDecanters
Turbine rotorsFluid CouplingsBlowers
Polygraphic rollsDrums and rollersBeaters
Textile machine shafts machineryBlower FansGear wheels
ScrewsDiesel turbinesAnchors for traction motors
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