The main characteristic of any balancing equipment is the “minimum achievable residual unbalance”. This parameter is measured in units of specific imbalance (gram-millimeters per kilogram).

To verify the above characteristics, it is necessary to conduct control tests in accordance with the State standard 20076-2007 (ISO 2953:1999).

Our company provides services for checking the over-resonant and pre-resonant balancing equipment for compliance with the values declared by the manufacturer of the “minimum achievable residual unbalance”.

Tests are carried out using control rotors that meet the requirements of the State standard 20076-2007 (ISO 2953:1999).

In the process of control tests, tests can be carried out:

  • Test for the correct operation of the balancing system.
  • UMAR test (minimum achievable residual unbalance) – compliance with the declared accuracy of the equipment.
  • URR test (unbalance reduction ratio) – checking the operation of individual mechanical components and equipment as a whole.
  • Test for the accuracy of software tooling compensation.

These tests can be carried out both at our enterprise and at the customer’s site, depending on the customer’s wishes.

Control tests take no more than 1 day with the proper organization of this process.

After the tests, our specialists draw up a protocol for the “control check of the equipment”, which indicates the results of the control tests.

Optionally, a representative of the customer can supervise the control testing process. All specialists performing this procedure undergo a special preparation.

According to special order, the client can order the production of a control rotor in our company, the production time is discussed on an individual basis.

The service is certified.

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Along with the machine, you will receive balancing technology, skills training, and technical support for the entire life of the equipment.
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