Warranty and service



1. The balancing machine is accepted by the technical controller of the manufacturer, checked for compliance with the established technical requirements and can be used by the consumer for technical purposes.

2. The warranty period is 12 months.

3. The manufacturer undertakes, during the warranty period, to repair the failed machine. Warranty obligations are subject to the observance by the consumer of the established conditions of operation, transportation, maintenance and storage of the machine. The failure of the equipment cannot serve as a basis for claiming compensation for any other expenses other than the repair of the equipment itself.

4. The beginning of the warranty period is calculated from the day the machine is put into operation, but no later than 6 months from the date of receipt of the machine at the manufacturer’s warehouse.



Customer Service

Over the years, we have designed, manufactured, repaired and modernized a huge number of different balancing equipment. Our service engineers are ready to provide you with professional assistance:

• Maintenance and repair of any balancing equipment

• Demonstration of equipment in operation, carrying out test balancing and correction of unbalance of the rotor

• Conduct training on work on balancing machines manufactured by VTM Group

• Checking your machines for accuracy in accordance with the interstate standard GOST 20076-2009 by our certified organization

• Technical advice:

Service department – Oleg Nikolaevich Shukshin

+380503911662 – viber/telegram/whatsapp
3911662@gmail.com – e-mail


Олег Николаевич Шукшин

+380503911662 - viber/telegram/whatsapp


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