The station model BER-51D for testing traction electric motors RT-51 of electric trains of the ER9v/i series

The station model BER-51D is designed for testing traction electric motors RT-51 of electric trains of the ER9v/i series in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

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    The station is an automated information-measuring and control system that operates in automatic and manual modes.
    The station provides for tests in the following scope:
    – measurement of the temperature of the electric motor;
    – checking the speed in forward or reverse directions in hourly mode;
    – high-speed test;
    – test of electrical strength of inter-turn insulation;
    – measurement of vibration level;
    – measurement of insulation resistance;
    – high-voltage tests of dielectric strength of insulation;
    – checking the heating of bearings;
    – test the electrical strength of the insulation of the windings to the machine body and windings.
    Traction motors are tested following GOST2582-81. The tests are controlled from the operator’s console, and the emergency protection system automatically terminates the tests when the controlled parameters go beyond the established limits.
    The advantage of the test station model BER-51D is that the consumption of electrical energy from the network goes only to cover mechanical losses in machines and electrical failures in motor windings, which significantly increases energy savings.
    Following the test procedure, the measurement results are recorded in a protocol file, which is printed on a printer upon completion of the test. Information about all tests carried out is stored in a database.


    Parameters BER-51D
    Rated power of rotation drive electric motor, kW 75
    Rated frequency of rotation of the motor shaft, rpm 1500
    Type of supply current ~3-phase
    Mains current frequency, Hz 50±1
    Mains voltage, V 380±10%
    The frequency range of rotation of the armature shaft during testing, rpm 100-2860
    The direction of the armature shaft rotation during testing is forward / reverse
    The voltage on the collector of the engine RT-51D, V 825
    The efficiency of the tested electric motor RT-51D, % 91,6


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