Universal balancing machines with a horizontal axis of rotation of the rotor, which are used for balancing light rotors with different configurations. This series of machines has many innovative technical solutions that make balancing simple and accessible to anyone. The machines have high performance and functionality, which makes them in demand in manufacture in various industries. The VTM GROUP company released a series of 9A machines, which included 9A710, 9A713, 9A714. This series of machines has been produced for over 40 years.

It is a continuation of the legendary series of machines 9S712M, 9A713P and 9A714P produced by the Odessa plant Mikron (OZPS named after the XXV Party Congress). There were produced several thousand of them. Until now, there are enterprises that successfully operate them and consider them the best in their class. We are proud that we can continue the qualities inherent in this series, characteristic of the Soviet “school” of machine tool building:

  • Reliability (more correctly, “indestructibility”)
  • Fantastic maintainability
  • Accuracy
  • Balancing speed

The 9A series was designed to meet the needs of small batch and one-off production, but due to its versatility and productivity, it has also found wide application in various repair shops. All machines of this series have a high accuracy of unbalance determination – 0.4 g∙mm/kg, (0.1 g∙mm/kg can be produced by special order).

We offer a complete solution for balancing parts, we don’t just sell machines

Along with the machine, you will receive balancing technology, skills training, and technical support for the entire life of the equipment.

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