Balancing machine BVI-03-88

Maximum weight, kg
Maximum length, mm
Number of supports
Accuracy of balancing, gm/kg


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    TWO TIMES faster then your machine

    In today's world, time is the main constraint. And the principle of "time is money" is more relevant than ever. This balancing machine is majored to balance the shaft not only qualitatively, but also quickly. Prices in the repair services market have already been formed and they are approximately the same for everyone. Therefore, the faster the worker completed the operation, the more money you earned. So if you can balance in 2-2.5 times faster, then this is your real competitive advantage.

    Benefits and Features

    • The ability to measure huge imbalances and safely work with cardan shafts which have a large initial imbalance of up to 400,000 gr * mm. This is especially relevant when working with cardan shafts of trucks.
    • The spindles have a tapered fit, which improves the accuracy of the shaft installation and, accordingly, the accuracy of balancing.
    • The presence of quick-press adapters using the patented EASY CLAMPⓇ technology allows you to use the machine in serial and small-scale production, and also allows you to increase performance compared to machines where there are no such adapters by about 2 times.
    • The balancing speed of the cardan shaft can range from 200 to 2500 rpm
    • The presence of a movable taistock of the rear spindle allows, without shifting the supports, to move the spindle up to 50 mm for quick installation or removal of the cardan shaft
    • The machine also has the function of fixing the rotation of the drive spindle, which allows you to clamp the bolts and keep the cardan from scrolling one employee without an assistant.
    • Height adjustment of intermediate supports is carried out without vertical rotation of the screw due to the unique design solution, which we call LIGHT HEIGHTⓇ.
    • Supports can be moved along the bed with one hand because they move on the rollers along the guides.
    • A universal suspension bearing clamping system can also be added to the advantages of supports. Three installation schemes are implemented on this machine.
    • This machine model was designed in accordance with European safety standards (5-wire electric circuit with the ability to work with 4-wire connection. Availability of protective barrier against shaft departure, availability of covers of all belts, etc.)
    • The power of the frequency electric drive is 4 kW, which is almost twice as powerful as that of machines of other manufacturers with similar equipment. What allows you to unwind shafts weighing even 150 kg comfortably and quickly. In addition, it allows you to change the speed of rotation continuously.
    • All cables used for signal transmission from sensors to measuring system are shielded, and assembled in metal jackets.
    When designing the machine, high requirements were placed on the functionality and versatility of each unit, this made it possible to install absolutely any cardan shaft on the machine with a minimum of time.

    Features of cardan balancing

    1. The cardan shaft is a classic rigid rotor. For rigid rotors, the imbalance is independent of the rotational speed. Accordingly, even if, for example, the maximum rotation speed of the cardan shaft is 4000 rpm, this does not mean that it must be spun to 4000 rpm on the machine. Just on the contrary, at a speed of 1500 rpm, most likely it can be balanced perfectly.
    2. This issue is often controversial among a non-professional audience, but in fact, what is an imbalance is a load welded to a cardan shaft pipe at a certain radius.
    3. Neither the weight of the truck, nor the radius at which it is welded will change with a change in speed. They don't depend on speed. And that is why rigid rotors can be balanced at speeds much lower than their working speeds.
    An imbalance is a load welded to a cardan shaft pipe at a certain radius. That's why imbalance doesn't depend on speed.

    Complete set

    The machine is equipped with three main types of adapters:
    1. The adapters are universal , they have two main advantages: the first is that due to the special design, the clamping of the cardan shaft flange is carried out for 5 seconds. This advantage arose due to the lack of the need to attach the cardan shaft flange using bolts. THE SHAFT CAN BE CLAMPED 4 TIMES FASTER WITHOUT BOLTS.
    2. The second advantage is that these adapters are installed with transition rings, those can be made on a usual lathe for most common cardan shafts.
    3. Adapters with end splines are used to balance the shaft whose fit flanges also have splines, as a rule, these are truck cardan shafts.
    4. An adapter with slots is used to attach various flanges with holes, basing the cardan shaft is carried out in the same way as on universal adapters using transition rings.
    For full-fledged work, you do not need a set of adapters, which stands as another machine. Together, with these three types, you can cover almost the entire market segment.
    Additionally, the machine can be equipped with pedestals for installation. The pedestals give an aesthetic view of the machine, provide convenience of mounting and moving the machine, if necessary.

    Balancing system and control

    We make balancing easier - the main advantage characterizing our balancing systems.

    • Ease of use and ease of operation do not require special theoretical knowledge from the operator.
    • Displays the real-time balancing process, monitors the rotor imbalance behavior on the screen to achieve the best result.
    • The maximum sensitivity of the machine at any time of operation, adjustment to the rotor and calibration of the machine is carried out by the operator himself.
    • Free of the influence of external vibration factors on the measurement result, has a high level of noise immunity of all elements.
    • World-leading functionality and accuracy thanks to 40 years of industry development and application experience.

    Balancing system PAK-4

    It was created taking into account the features of balancing cardan shafts.

    The machine can operate in two modes: manual and automatic. In automatic mode, the machine itself finishes measurements, which allows the operator to buy a little time for auxiliary operations, for example, loads preparation.

    The PAK-4 balancing system is equipped with an industrial touchscreen computer based on Windows 7. If necessary, a printer can be connected to the computer, with the help of which you can print the "balancing protocol" where the initial and final value of the imbalance of the cardan shaft will be displayed.

    • The machine balancing system operates in "real time" mode and displays information about the vibration level every second from all four supports, which allows you to see the whole picture completely tracking the behavior of the imbalance. Having these balancing system properties, you can eliminate the imbalance simultaneously on all correction planes, reducing the time required for balancing at times.
    • The possibility of simultaneous monitoring of 4 correction planes in real time, which gives a complete idea of ​the state of the cardan shaft at any time - it displays the position of the shaft on the screen, so-called "tracking system."
    • The system has a harmonic analysis function that allows a fairly accurate assessment of the state of the cardan shaft and its mechanical defects before balancing.
    • The tool eccentricity function, which allows you to filter out the vibration that the machine tool can create and take into account only the vibration of the cardan shaft, in some cases without this function it is impossible to balance the cardan shaft at all.


    Parameters BVI-03-88
    Mass range of balanced rotors, kg 3-200
    Maximum rotor diameter, mm 150
    Maximum flange diameter, mm 300
    Maximum length of cardan shaft, mm 5200*
    Number of machine supports 4
    Number of simultaneously measured shaft correction planes 2, 3, 4
    Minimum achievable residual specific imbalance, g mm/kg 1
    Rotor speed range, rpm 1000-2500
    Drive type Axial
    Machine type Pre-resonant
    Machine dimensions (length x width x height), mm 6000 х 1100 х 1450
    Machine weight, kg (approximately) 1100
    Parameters of the supply network 380V ± 10%, 3 Ph, 50Hz ± 1
    Power consumption, minimum, kW 3
    Machine Balancing System Special Purpose Measuring System PAK-4
    Requirements to foundation Machine is installed on solid concrete foundation

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    Our company has a technical support service center. If you have any questions, you can contact us for help.

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