Тhe station model модели BER-1 for testing undercarriage generators of passenger railway carriage

The station is intended to test undercarriage generators of a passenger railway carriage with a power of up to 35 kVA and a voltage of 116 V by the requirements of regulatory documents.

The station is an automated information-measuring and control system that operates in automatic and manual modes. Following the test procedure, the measurement results are recorded in a protocol file, which is printed on a printer upon completion of the test.

Information about all tests carried out is stored in a database. During the tests, the linear voltages of the generator in three phases, the generator current in each step, the parameters of the excitation circuits, the generator shaft speed, the generator temperature at three points, and the ambient temperature, are controlled.

Parameters BER-1
Maximum generator power 35 kVA
The maximum rotational speed of the generator shaft is 4300 rpm
Maximum generator current 1,5 Inom
The maximum field winding current 5 A


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