The station model BER-100P for testing the springs of passenger railway carriage

The stand is designed to test the springs of the passenger railway carriage following TU 32CV 868-77 “Repair of railway carriage leaf springs and springs”. The springs are checked for the absence of residual deformation under test load and determine the amount of actual deflection under the working static load.

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    The stand for testing springs can determine (for each type of spring):

    • The value of the trial load
    • The height of the spring in the free state
    • The difference between the height of the spring before loading with a trial load and after loading
    • The value of the actual deflection of the spring under the working static load
    • Working static load

    The stand is not a piece of test equipment and is not subject to certification. The stand is equipped with measuring instruments, which are included in the State Register, are subject to verification, and have valid certificates of state verification.

    Main parameters and dimensions BER-100P
    Spring outer diameter (min-max), mm 80…335
    Spring height (min-max), mm 165…600
    Rated force, kN 80
    The stroke of the working body, mm 763
    The speed of movement of the working body at idle, mm/min 300
    The speed of movement of the functional body on the working stroke, mm/min 30
    Discreteness of readout of linear displacement, mm 0,02
    Load readout resolution, N 100
    Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 2000х880х1600
    Weight, kg 536
    Noise level at the workplace, no more than dB 80
    Type of supply current ~ 1-phase
    Current frequency, Hz 50±1
    Mains voltage, V 220±10%
    machine drive chains, V Variable, 220
    Control circuits, V AC, 24
    Number of electric motors 1
    Electric motor power, kW 2,2
    Speed, rpm 2000